Enterprise Mobility | Its Nature and 6 Benefits of Implementing Mobile Solutions

According to ResearchAndMarkets, the enterprise mobility market was valued at US$21.029 billion in 2020 – it is expected to reach a total market size of US$101.459 billion by 2027. Of course, these numbers vary depending on the source and time, but most agree that this growing trend is here to stay, and a market of this size should not be ignored. Therefore, this article explores the nature and benefits of enterprise mobility.

enterprise mobility

What is enterprise mobility?

In a nutshell, enterprise mobility empowers workers to access information and do their jobs anywhere, anytime. Mobile enterprise technology advancements and the high adoption of mobile devices enable organisations across the globe to create effective remote work environments. Enterprise mobility encompasses the mobility of business data, employees, and processes. It is a disruptive approach to work that’s changing the ways and infrastructure of the entire business world.

Enterprise mobility revolves around businesses deploying mobile solutions and technologies to improve productivity, collaboration, and communication. However, as we mentioned in another article, the primary driver for enterprise mobility has recently shifted from productivity to digitisation, positively contributing to environmental sustainability.

Enterprise digital transformation – going paper-free

Enterprise digitisation means adopting digital technologies to fundamentally change how an organisation operates and delivers value to its customers. One critical aspect of digital transformation is the move towards a paper-free work environment. This involves replacing traditional paper-based processes with digital alternatives, such as electronic documents, online forms, etc.

The paperless work environment helps to reduce the amount of physical storage space needed, improves the efficiency of processes, and minimises the risk of lost or damaged documents. It also allows enterprises to come closer to the expected Net-Zero targets by decreasing the need for paper, printing, and the use of other resources that negatively affects the environment.

Find out How to digitise paper-based forms and checklists with SAP Asset Manager here.

On this note, sustainable enterprise refers to a business model that prioritises sustainability in terms of environmental impact as well as financial viability. Standard practices of a sustainable enterprise include adopting paperless environments, reducing energy consumption, using renewable resources, or minimising waste.

Digitisation, sustainability, and enterprise mobility are related concepts that, in tandem, aim to help businesses reduce their environmental impact, maintain and promote sustainable business practices, and enhance user experience and business operations across the board – without jeopardising profits.

Read Enterprise Mobility, Digitisation, and Sustainability to learn more about this connection.

Two other terms often accompanying enterprise mobility are the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.

The Internet of Things refers to the growing network of interconnected devices, sensors, and other objects embedded with internet connectivity and the ability to communicate with each other and connected systems. In addition, these devices collect and transmit data, enabling businesses to monitor and control various aspects of their operations in real-time.

Cloud computing provides storage, processing, collaboration, and networking possibilities over the internet. This allows businesses to access and use these services efficiently – without investing in and maintaining their own physical infrastructures.

Enterprise mobility relies on mobile devices, IoT, cloud computing, and other mobile solutions.

As part of an organisation’s enterprise mobility journey – centred around the increasing use of mobile devices and apps in the workplace – these technologies create new business opportunities when integrated and leveraged correctly. According to a recent article by SAP News Centre, “Global challenges have made it clear that mobile is the only way through and forward.” We at On Device Solutions fully agree with that statement.


Summarising, here are the top enterprise mobility benefits for enterprises:


  1. Improved productivity, communication, and collaboration: mobile devices and solutions allow workers (including management teams) to communicate and collaborate in real-time, providing greater flexibility and speeding up decision-making processes.


  1. Enhanced customer satisfaction: employees can access customer information and systems while on the go; effective product or delivery tracking and other factors all contribute to providing better and faster customer service as needed.


  1. Operational cost savings: by eliminating the need for employees to be onsite, real estate, transport, and other overhead expenses are minimised. Remote data access, real-time data synchronisation and cloud storage simplify operations and also contribute to operational cost savings.


  1. Sustainability: these days, sustainable enterprise practices are expected to be the core of every business strategy – enterprise mobility contributes to meeting this objective by enabling the digitisation of operations.


  1. Competitive advantage: the above and other enterprise mobility advantages help companies become more agile and responsive to quickly changing market conditions and their employees and customer needs.


  1. Audit and Compliance: Digital solutions offer full traceability of operations, making it easy to show compliance with various standards.


On Device Solutions is a specialist IT consultancy providing highly rated enterprise mobility solutions. We are also an SAP Partner who helps customers get anywhere and anytime access to the information stored in their enterprise systems like SAP. Contact us here to learn how we can help your enterprise become more competitive and agile.




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