Enterprise Mobility, Digitisation, and Sustainability

Enterprise mobility is a disruptive technology helping enterprises generate greater profits while maintaining sustainable practices.

enterprise mobility and sustainability


The importance of sustainable practices and operations is at its peak today. We have started realising the negative environmental impact of large-scale industrial operations and unsustainable individual lifestyles. The impact of the population growth, infrastructure development, increasing consumption, and key business operations is manifesting in the form of global warming and other climate changes.

There is a heightened awareness of the above-mentioned issues; and we are now taking measures toward fundamentally changing the way we think and act, both as businesses and individuals.

There is a unanimous acknowledgment that we need to act now – before further irreversible damages to the environment are done. Governments, corporations, small/medium size organisations, and individuals are now actively participating in initiatives such as net-zero and others. Needless to say, technology plays an important role in this – its role will become even more significant in the future.

Technology can and should encourage creative destruction, empowering us to quickly replace unsustainable work practices and tools with better ones.

Previously, enterprise mobility use cases have focused predominantly on improving operational tasks such as improving productivity, remote data access to core systems, empowering field workers with remote access to information, self-service tasks, and undertaking remote works or surveys.

These use cases are extremely relevant today and still play a crucial role within the core operations of organisations, enabling their smooth functioning and achieving decent returns on investments.


With that said, today, enterprise mobility has a wider remit and plays a key role in areas focusing on integration, connectivity, and autonomous operations. Below are the most frequently implemented enterprise mobility uses:


  • Paperless operations (digitations)
  • Data capture at source
  • On the spot quotations
  • Maintenance/repair planning
  • On-field assessments
  • Advanced surveys and quality checks
  • Electronic signatures
  • IoT integration

The list goes on…


In a nutshell, the primary driver for enterprise mobility has shifted from productivity to digitisation thereby contributing to sustainability. Albeit increased productivity is an inherent benefit of adopting digitisation via enterprise mobility strategy – tangible benefits can be realised immediately.

While pondering over a good bedtime read, the research work titled “Sustainability impact of digitization in logistics” (Kayikci, 2018) caught my attention. The reasons were obvious. It covered logistics, digitisation, and sustainability – the key areas where we develop enterprise mobility applications that help customers achieve their strategic objectives.

The research work, its approach, categorisation, and findings are real eye-openers. Kayikci highlights that most of the previous studies focused their attention on sustainability and digitisation primarily from a transport perspective instead of embracing a more holistic approach in the domain (logistics in this case). Well, for On Device Solutions this is quite a familiar scenario – one that we often highlight to our customers i.e. enterprise mobility offers a lot more than just productivity apps.


Enterprise mobility Table 1
Table 1. Digitisation characteristics and sustainability in logistics. Source: Kayikci, 2018


Enterprise Mobility is a disruptive technology designed to help enterprises accomplish the positive outcomes of digitisation – highlighted in table 1. Its main goal is to help organisations kickstart and accelerate their journeys to generating greater profits while maintaining sustainable practices.

Enterprise mobility has always been an area of significant potential as well as growth, and analysts estimate that this space will see significant market value growth from 16.6 Billion USD (2020) to predicted growth of 63.6 Billion USD by 2026 (marketsandmarkets.com, 2022). This significant growth opportunity is the reflection of a growing number of customers embarking on enterprise mobility initiatives and strategies. No matter where you are in your journey to improving digitisation combined with sustainable practices, there is always room for improvement through wider collaborations.

Give us a call to discover how to maximise your returns on both spectrums.

At On Device Solutions, we help enterprises identify the right technologies. We understand that every business has unique mobility needs. Our team of experts can significantly simplify your technology selection process and improve your outcomes. Get in touch today.




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