Exploring SAP Service and Asset Manager on the Windows Platform

SAP Service and Asset Manager (SSAM) is a mobile solution that empowers businesses to streamline asset management processes and maximise operational efficiency. In this blog post, we delve into the features and benefits of SSAM on the Windows platform, exploring how SAP has met its long-standing customer demand.

Why the Windows platform?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, mobile applications are necessary for organisations aiming to streamline operations and enhance customer and employee experience. Choosing a mobile device OS platform is an important decision for businesses utilising SAP as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Some of the critical factors in this decision-making are:

  • User Familiarity:

One of the key advantages of the Windows platform is its ability to provide a familiar user experience. Most enterprises have been using Windows, Outlook, and Teams (and other Microsoft products); hence, their employees are familiar with their navigation. This also allows those enterprises to realise their single primary work device vision.

  • Seamless Integration with SAP Infrastructure:

Microsoft and SAP have a history of collaboration, resulting in a strong integration between Windows and SAP solutions. This compatibility ensures that SAP mobile applications developed on the Windows platform can seamlessly communicate with backend SAP systems, minimising integration challenges.

  • Security and Management:

Windows has robust security features that align well with enterprise-level applications. Organisations can use Windows security mechanisms to protect sensitive data within SAP mobile applications. Additionally, the Windows Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, InTune, makes it easier for IT departments to manage and control mobile and non-mobile devices centrally.

  • Variety of Suppliers:

Windows devices can be procured from a variety of suppliers. This includes the ruggedised options required in some extreme working environments.

  • Enterprise-Grade Support:

Windows is a platform enterprises have trusted for years due to its reliability and robust support ecosystem. Businesses can benefit from Microsoft’s extensive customer support, regular updates, and a vast community of developers who contribute to solving challenges and sharing best practices.

  • OS Upgrade control:

Enterprises cannot control some device OS upgrades, which can be difficult to manage, especially when business-critical apps are deployed. Windows offers more control over the OS upgrade process than other platforms.

Existing SAP Work Manager customers running on Windows

We delivered many SAP Work Manager implementations on the Windows platform. SAP Work Manager is based on the Agentry platform that SAP acquired from Syclo. However, SAP has recently announced end-of-life for Agentry platform-based solutions.

SAP Service and Asset Manager
Source: SAP | Note – Not applicable to customers with Work Manager/Inventory Manager Cloud Edition licenses. The underlying platform for cloud deployments, Agentry Cloud Edition (or ACE), is fully supported for the length of the customer’s cloud contract.

The SAP roadmap product for SAP Work Manager is SAP Service and Asset Manager. Yet, until recently, SSAM didn’t support the Windows platform, leaving a big gap for existing SAP Work Manager customers running Windows. The table below summarises the differences between the two products.

  SAP Work MANAGER SAP Service and Asset Manager
Backend Support ERP and S/4HANA ERP and S/4HANA
Device Support iOS, Android, Windows iOS, Android, Windows
Feature Set Mature product; fully developed feature set Next generation model of Inventory Manager Integrates with SAP IoT
Mobile Platform Deployment Options Cloud and on-premises Cloud only
Connectivity Complex offline capabilities Complex offline capabilities
Architecture Metadata-driven technical architecture Metadata-driven technical architecture
Licensing Subscription and on-premises Subscription only
Platform Agentry on SAP Mobile Platform or SAP CP Mobile Development Kit on SAP CP
Roadmap No future updates or roadmap Active innovation Roadmap and support available

SAP Service and Asset Manager (SSAM) – Windows Platform Compatibility & Timelines

SAP Service and Asset Manager’s compatibility with the Windows platform makes it accessible to many businesses using Windows devices. The solution, however, is still catching up with the Android and iOS versions.

The roadmap below provides a view of the SSAM release plan for Windows. Organisations deploying Windows devices can already integrate the application into their existing infrastructure, enabling seamless adoption and integration.

SAP Service and Asset Manager Timelines  

SAP Service and Asset Manager
Source: SAP

SAP Service and Asset Manager (SSAM) Windows Feature comparison

The table below summarises the differences between the platforms.

Feature Description                                                                                                                       iOS/Android     Windows GA
Form Factor • Phone
• Tablet
• Desktop
• Tablet
Backend Support • S/4HANA
Work Order (View, Edit, Create, Local Deletion) Yes Yes
Notification (View, Edit, Create, Local Deletion) Yes Yes
Technical Objects Standard View
(Equipment, Floc, Measuring Point, Measurement Document, Linear Asset, Classification)
Yes Yes
Technical Objects Advanced View (Hierarchy, BOM, Analytic Charts) Yes No
Time Sheets Recording, PM Confirmations Yes Yes
Material Management – Goods Issue, Reservations, Returns Yes Yes
Offline Support Yes Yes
Push Notification Yes No
Attachment Yes Yes


Q4(2203) Release – SSAM for Win 3.0

Feature Description                                                    iOS/Android     Windows GA(Q4)
Multi-Persona (Maintenance Tech, Field Service Tech, Inventory Clerk) Yes Maint. Tech
Crew, FOW (Rounds), Meter, QM, IAM Yes Yes*
Localisation Yes Yes*
Online Service Yes Yes
Light / Dark mode Yes Yes
GIS (Esri maps) Yes No
Barcode Scanner Yes No
Signature Capture, Digital Signature Yes No
Multi-User Support Yes No
Custom Extension Controls Yes No

In conclusion, as the SAP Work Manager Agentry edition reaches the end of its support, SAP Service and Asset Manager for Windows is a strategic move for businesses seeking a unified and modern mobile solution for their operations.

Its cross-platform interoperability, intuitive UI, offline functionality, real-time data synchronisation, and connection with SAP systems make it an essential tool for maximising asset performance and boosting operational efficiency. Organisations can significantly improve asset productivity and cost reduction by implementing SAP Asset Manager on Windows and elevating their asset management procedures to new levels.

On Device Solutions is an SAP Gold Partner and a specialist IT consultancy for SAP enterprise mobile solutions. We have delivered SSAM for multiple SAP customers and helped our customers migrate from SAP Work Manager to SSAM. We have also developed a Digital Forms Engine add-on for SSAM, allowing customers to digitise their paper forms.

Contact our dedicated On Device Solutions team to learn more about the SAP SSAM for Windows platform or request a tailored demo. Alternatively, download our Cadent iOS to Windows 10 customer success story related to this topic.




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