Reduce inventory carrying costs with a mobile solution


Our team of consultants have specialist knowledge of Syclo and Agentry mobile platforms and are able to guide you through a change to SAP Inventory Manager, or simply an upgrade of your current systems. We come recommended by SAP as specialists in this field. 
By improving your business operations with SAP mobile inventory management your team will have the tools to: improve and manage inventory levels, efficiently fill customer orders, and track the movement of materials using mobile devices with a scanning functionality. 
The mobile app accesses the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution and empowers you to provide your technicians and warehouse management staff with the ability to execute stockroom operations in an automated and seamless way, ensuring that you keep your valuable parts and spares under control so your team are ready to respond.
We can build a roadmap to successfully implement SAP Inventory Manager as well as a number of additional products and services to create the best solution for your business.


Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Essential part management

Essential part management

Provide managed secure cloud

Full compatibility with SAP Simplified Suite on HANA (on-premise edition)

Provides generic framework control to allow designers to easily integrate UI5 functionality

Additional language support

SAP Inventory Manager is a complete mobile solution for tracking assets, parts, and tools and automating stock issues, transfers and return as well as streamlining data processing on receivables and managing satellite warehousing. It is a key tool to avoiding downtime and ensuring that replacement parts are into production as quickly as possible. 

Businesses that are now using SAP Inventory Manager as their mobile SAP solution are now able are to efficiently pick and track parts to staff in the field.
It is scalable, configurable and future-proofed to meet your businesses needs as it changes and grows. 

We know that for many businesses rolling out a solution like SAP Inventory Manager can be intimidating, so at On Device Solutions we can provide you with our knowledge and skills to roll this out as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Get in touch today to find out more. 



ODS worked

ODS worked in partnership with business and IT leaders at OQ to deliver an enhanced version of SAP Inventory Manager solution to mobilise their inventory management process.

ODS partnered

ODS partnered with DEWA to replace paper based solution for inventory and warehouse management with a mobile solution.