Enterprise Mobility Management

Our team of consultants can help mobilise your business and work with you to choose the best solution.


We can help you and your business navigate the mobile revolution. As businesses evolve, it is increasingly important to have a mobility strategy in place. 

We will help you look at your business from a birds eye view and think about your enterprise mobility and the strategy you have in place. Taking a neutral approach we can suggest the right mobile solutions and whether SAP mobile would fit into your businesses strategy. 

A mobility strategy will help ensure your business capitalises on key changes.



Which existing business process should be re-engineered to take advantage of mobility?

enterprise mobility strategy

Which new business processes can be introduced due to mobility?


How can I prioritise mobility-related initiatives?

enterprise mobility strategy

Should I develop a native, hybrid or HTML5 application?


Offline or Online application?


Should I use a mobile platform and if so which is best suited for our needs?


How do various technology offerings in the mobile space compare with each other?


What is the best architecture to deploy a mobile application?

By understanding all of the components that make up a clear and actionable mobility strategy, we can work with you and your team to produce an actionable strategy that is unique to your business. Due to our extensive understanding of enterprise mobility solutions our team of consultants can provide a strategy for you quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on being technology neutral in our advice. Remember, we work for you, not your technology vendors!

We can provide extensive advice on SAP mobile platforms, out of the box solutions, and custom solutions to serve your business needs and your budget.

We can do this remotely, at your offices, or at our head offices and will run a series of events with you and your staff. This normally involves an initial workshop session where we share ideas, followed by a thorough view of your current technical approach. We will then discuss how you see your business' enterprise mobility improving. We can then provide you with an overview of solutions and help you understand the cost and time of each option so you can have a solution tailored to you.

You can download a free enterprise mobility guide from here, a great place to start if you're new to mobility.

With extensive, customer-focused experience in field sales, field service, and executives on various platforms, we can also offer a day long workshop focused on enterprise mobility strategy. In this workshop we provide a framework to help you develop your enterprise mobility solution.