A simple job scheduling and work order planning solution for SAP

myPlanner is a mobile friendly and easy to use scheduling and planning tool. myPlanner is fully integrated and certified with SAP and works seamlessly with SAP modules like Plant Maintenance (PM) and Customer Services (CS).

It contains an intuitive dashboard that enables the planner to focus on priority tasks and easily organise job schedules and work order planning. myPlanner is designed for tablets and mobiles, allowing planners to use the scheduling features on the go. It works both online and offline and the intuitive user experience makes it easy to optimise your business operations with the scheduling and planning tool.

myPlanner can be deployed to your teams in a matter of weeks, so get in contact with our expert team today to organise a demo and trial.


myPlanner is used to monitor and analyse maintenance workload
Quick deployment in weeks.

Graphical planning board for resources and work demand

Multiple assignment types supported

Robust scheduling algorithm

Data light design

User role & authorisation

User Experience (UX)

Out of box integration with the SAP system

Designed to seamlessly integrate with SAP backend system SAP ECC or S/4HANA. Quick deployment in weeks.

myPlanner FEATURES

SAP Cloud platform

Built on the SAP Cloud Platform

Intersection image - my planner

Integrated with the SAP ERP system using best practice delta detection and data streaming to ensure a scalable and high-performance app


Available in the cloud (or on-premises)

Intersection image - my planner

Simple UI for good performance and easy user adoption. Support for major mobile platforms


Take a look at how the myPlanner software integrates with SAP and book a demo to see how myPlanner can make work scheduling and planning easier for your business.