IBM Maximo Anywhere Mobile Apps

In 2012, SAP acquired Syclo – increasing Syclo Maximo mobile solutions roadmap alignment with SAP products. Similarly, IBM contemplated building their own mobile applications that connect with the IBM Maximo back-end. Subsequently, also in 2012, IBM acquired Worklight and started developing a mobile application called “Maximo Anywhere” on the Worklight platform. IBM Maximo Anywhere was first released in 2013.  

IBM Maximo Mobile Apps

Maximo Anywhere

IBM Maximo Anywhere mobile apps run on Android, iOS, and Microsoft systems. They are based on a hybrid application front-end architecture that combines the benefits of web and native app capabilities while compromising a little on the user experience.

These apps support connected and disconnected modes alike. Once users have authenticated their devices in connected mode, they are able to access these applications, and then create and update their Maximo data even without being connected to the internet. The data gets synched with the Maximo server when the user reconnects.

As of now, the latest Maximo Anywhere version is 7.6.4. It was released in March 2020 and includes some significant changes to the software’s architecture and installation process. These changes are summarised below.

Hybrid Application Model

Maximo Anywhere apps use the mobile browser engine to display a web-based user interface developed on HTML5 and JavaScript. The user interface supports and dynamically responds to multiple form factors and mobile device types. Each app runs inside a native container that is deployed as an Android application package (APK) for Android devices, an iOS application archive (IPA) for iOS devices, and a Windows application file (APPX) for Windows devices. In addition, each app provides access to device capabilities such as the camera and local storage. However, this does mean some compromise on the user experience.

Read this blog to learn more about the differences between various mobile UI approaches.


IBM Maximo Anywhere Mobile Apps

Maximo Anywhere is an add-on product for IBM Maximo, which provides the following nine mobile apps:

  • Asset Audit
  • Asset Data Manager
  • Inspection
  • Issues and Returns
  • Physical Count
  • Service Request
  • Transfers and Receiving
  • Work Approval
  • Work Execution


Users can access and update their Maximo records, on their mobiles or tablets, based on their roles assigned in Maximo.

Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4 Highlights:

The most noticeable change in Anywhere 7.6.4 is the removal of MobileFirst Server. MobileFirst Server was used as the adapter to Maximo, and for Anywhere app distribution in previous versions. Anywhere 7.6.4 has a much cleaner footprint, as all the required components have been moved to the Maximo application server.

Anywhere 7.6.4 apps communicate directly with the Maximo and can connect to an existing Maximo application server cluster. The Anywhere application definitions are stored locally within the Maximo database, and management of specific deployments is enabled via the new Anywhere Administration application with Maximo. This application maintains a history of app deployments and allows deployment rollback to previous versions, if necessary.

  • Streamlined architectural changes:
    • Functionality previously implemented using the MobileFirst Server has been migrated to the Maximo application server.
    • There is no longer a requirement to install a separate MobileFirst Server or a database for MobileFirst.
  • Simplified installation and upgrade process.
  • Easier build and deployment process.
  • Enhanced Anywhere Administration application in Maximo.
  • Optional Maximo Anywhere Application Container installation to generate device-specific binaries.


Benefits of upgrading to Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4:

  • Significantly reduced installation/set up time.
  • Reduced overhead of maintaining a separate middleware server.
  • Seamless application building to the Maximo Server.
  • No Maximo downtime is required to deploy Anywhere development.
  • Faster application deployment accelerates development cycles.
  • Easy rollback to a previous working deployment.

Support for Maximo Anywhere 7.6.3.x ended on September 30, 2021. Version 7.6.4 will continue to be supported.


Maximo Anywhere is the default mobile solution for customers running the Maximo system. It offers nine mobile apps for field engineers, enabling users to update and capture data in Maximo remotely from anywhere at any time.

At ODS, we have substantial experience in implementing and upgrading standard Maximo Anywhere mobile apps and customising the standard apps per business needs. So, get in touch with us if you are looking to implement or upgrade Maximo Anywhere mobile apps.




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