Demo – Using SAP ASPM and SAM to optimise asset maintenance strategies

asset maintenance

Asset Maintenance
Demo – Using SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management (SAP ASPM) and SAP Asset Manager (SAM) to optimise asset maintenance strategies.

What is SAP ASPM? 

SAP ASPM is a cloud solution that allows companies to derive and fine tune their asset maintenance strategies based on asset risk and criticality. It sits within the SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) suite, which promises to deliver a holistic 360-degree view of assets across the supply chain. SAP IAM builds on SAP’s strong expertise in operational asset management and adds collaboration and intelligence to it using the latest technologies like IoT, predictive analytics, and enterprise mobility.  

Why use SAP ASPM? 

Equipment downtime can have a huge financial impact on your business. In the automobile industry, studies suggest that just one minute of downtime can cost a business USD 22,000. Equally, businesses are under extreme cost pressures to keep asset maintenance costs low. This means any avoidable asset maintenance should be identified and removed from the maintenance plan.  By creating an optimized maintenance strategy, where unnecessary maintenance costs are balanced against downtime. Organizations can create a balance between profitability, cost of maintenance, and align these with business goals. 

Still, at present, 21% of manufacturing facilities follow a preventive maintenance strategy; and as high as 61% use a run-to-failure method. SAP ASPM offers a solution to this situation, by helping facilities managers to better predict maintenance needs and providing them a way to optimize the maintenance strategy throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

 SAP ASPM provides industry-standard tools like RCM, FMEA, and PM reviews with checklists. Using these tools in collaboration with each other can create a continually evolving maintenance strategy that causes an improved business output by reducing safety and environmental incidents, reducing downtime and the costs associated and improving efficiency. SAP ASPM not only creates a synchronized view of the output from these procedures but also integrates with other powerful SAP tools in the suite like SAP Asset Manager (mobile solution for checklist execution).

 SAP ASPM and SAM integration demo.

Let’s see how we use all these tools in cohesion by taking an example of a power transformer that has undergone a risk and criticality assessment in ASPM and the review checklist created as a recommendation is filled in SAM.

 The SAP ASPM cockpit is used to carry out the RC assessment as well as to create checklists for various operations and maintenance processes. For the asset in consideration, the Assessment shows that the criticality is low and the recommendation here is to carry out a preventative maintenance review using a periodic checklist. 

The checklist generated in ASPM can be attached to the equipment and it will be received as a task in SAP Asset Manager and the engineer working on an order involving the asset needs to fill out the checklist and submit it before closing it. The status of the checklist in SAM will be ‘In-Progress’.
 The engineer will then complete the checklist and any other forms that need to be completed. Once the checklist assessment is completed and subsequently published, all the information flows back to the ASPM and it is updated on the equipment page alongside its entire maintenance history. A checklist score is also received from SAM in ASPM and it can alter the criticality of the Asset and provide an opportunity to re-evaluate the maintenance strategy. Based on this new score you can decide to continue with the existing plan or do the necessary adjustments, or even raise a preventive maintenance order.

How do I implement SAP ASPM?

We at On Device Solutions have taken an early lead in building expertise in SAP IAM. We have consultants trained in IAM and have also developed relevant use cases in our demo environment to showcase how IAM can add value for SAP customers. Get in touch today to see these solutions in action and for a no-obligation brainstorming session. Contact us now.




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