Mobile App for SAP Plant Maintenance

On Device Solutions – What You Need to Know
Have you been searching for a company to deliver you a high-end mobile app for SAP Plant Maintenance? Do you wish to bring about a hassle-free way in which to manage the operation of your business on the ground? On Device Solutions, with over seventy five years’ worth of SAP architecture experience simply between the board of directors, and the company that you have been looking for. Should you have any questions or queries, you will find our contact details below.  
myJobCard Explained
If you are someone that is in the market for a mobile app for SAP plant maintenance, we here at On Device Solutions are pleased to provide you with the product that will end your search – the myJobcard. This is a system which has completely digitised the process of asset management – how this works is via technicians in the field, who can perform their relevant assessments and assignments, and subsequently providing real-time updates by using our application. However, we understand that our targeted clientele may have their own bespoke way of conducting their operations, and are in need of tweaking the base forms; this is not a problem, as we have tools which allow for customisation, whilst cutting out the need for developers. Our website will serve to educate those whose interest has been piqued by the myJobCard, and wish to find out more. 
Introducing the Brand-New myWarehouse
Although our primary focus up until now has been on the development of a first-class mobile app for SAP plant maintenance (essentially, what is now the myJobCard), we have now branched out into the world of inventory management. We here at On Device Solutions are proud to present myWarehouse; this is an application which will allow for physical stock-checks and inventory tracking in a way which is more streamlined than ever. Not only this, but there are many offline features that can be utilised. For anyone that would like to be educated further on the features and benefits of myWarehouse, you will find all the necessary details on our website.
Let Us Know What You Need
When you come to do business with On Device Solutions, not only are you going to have access to premier mobile apps for SAP plant maintenance. You will also be privy to an unrivalled customer support system, which we have worked tirelessly on developing and evolving. This has involved amassing a team of highly-skilled representatives in our customer service division, who are solely focused on the provision of responses to incoming queries that are both prompt, and informative. If you would feel more comfortable liaising with one of our operatives by phone, in a manner which is more informal and casual, you can simply give us a call at +44 (0) 121 769 2048. We also offer multiple options for those that wish to initiate a discussion by written means – you can either send us an e-mail directly at, or complete and submit the user-friendly enquiry form, which can be found on our website’s contact page