SAP Inventory Manager: Revolutionising Operations at an International Renewable Energy Company

On Device Solutions (ODS) SAP Inventory Manager implementation has laid the foundation for increased warehouse operations’ compliance and productivity at an international renewable energy company headquartered in the United States.

Sap Inventory Manager for a Geothermal Energy Plant

Our client’s expertise, commitment, and focus lie in delivering clean and reliable energy solutions through geothermal power, recovered energy, and energy storage solutions. With a proven track record of experience, the company is globally acknowledged for pioneering work in developing state-of-the-art, environmentally sound power solutions.

The partnership with On Device Solutions, an SAP Gold Partner renowned for our expertise in enterprise mobility, marked a pivotal point in the company’s enterprise mobility journey. In the words of the SAP Project Manager who collaborated with us on this SAP Inventory Manager implementation, “We found in ODS a real and caring partner, very professional, always available, and ready to do whatever was needed…” And much needed to be done.

Our Client’s Challenges

In their quest for operational excellence, the company recognised the limitations of their existing paper-based and manual processes. The reliance on these traditional methods resulted in inconsistent data, hampered productivity, and increased vulnerability to theft. Acknowledging the imperative need for change, the company embarked on a journey to digitise its processes, choosing On Device Solutions to lead the SAP Inventory Manager implementation. Our client’s confidence was affirmed when we presented a customised demo of the SAP Inventory Manager mobile application, showcasing its alignment with the company’s unique business requirements.

After the successful demo, the company entrusted ODS with implementing the SAP Inventory Manager mobile application for its Central Warehouse. Subsequently, within only six weeks, we overhauled our client’s intricate business processes in close collaboration with their IT and business teams.

The transition from manual data entry to the real-time power of SAP Inventory Manager streamlined the company’s stockroom operations, unlocking newfound levels of automation, efficiency, and accuracy while reaffirming its dedication to environmental sustainability.

SAP Inventory Manager Implementation

The transformation journey commenced with deploying SAP Inventory Manager on rugged handheld devices. This strategic move aimed to modernise the company’s inventory management practices, enhance data accuracy, and seamlessly integrate with the SAP MM/IM module.

The objectives were clear and relevant to our client’s needs:

Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline processes to reduce cycle times and mitigate associated costs.

Real-time Integration: Achieve seamless real-time integration with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Process Refinement: Simplify complex operations into a cohesive and robust end-to-end process.

Data Excellence: Enhance the quality of data captured within the SAP system.

Optimised Material Management: Facilitate efficient tracking and management of materials to improve operational agility.

Navigating Challenges in Pursuit of Transformation

Like many projects we’ve participated in, this SAP Inventory Manager implementation also came with its unique challenges.

Global Diversity: The project teams grappled with a multinational enterprise’s geographical and linguistic diversity.

Stringent Timeline: The implementation was conducted within a remarkably tight timeframe (six weeks), demanding seamless coordination and execution.

Time Zone Disparities: Overcoming the complexities of working across various time zones demanding efficient communication and collaboration.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

As the company steadfastly pioneers renewable energy solutions, its investment in digital innovation underscores its commitment to a sustainable, efficient, and eco-conscious future.

Through SAP Inventory Manager, the company has ignited a shift in inventory management, propelling the renewable energy sector toward a technologically advanced and ecologically responsible era. Download this Case Study to Learn More.

Alternatively, contact our dedicated On Device Solutions team to learn more about SAP Inventory Manager or request a tailored demo.

On Device Solutions (ODS) is an SAP Gold Partner and a specialist IT consultancy for SAP enterprise mobile solutions. We have delivered SAP Inventory Manager for multiple SAP customers. We also have expertise in material barcoding solutions, often rolled out alongside mobile inventory management solutions.




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