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Before the Digital Transformation with On Device Solutions and SAP Asset Manager

SAP Asset Manager at an International Alternative Energy Company

In the ever-evolving landscape of the geothermal and renewable energy industry, technological innovation matters. One global leader headquartered in the United States has consistently led the change in developing sustainable electricity generation solutions.

Previously, the company relied on paper-based forms for its asset maintenance activities. Each data point had to be manually entered, introducing the risk of errors and data loss into their crucial processes. The company sought to digitise its manual asset maintenance processes to align with its digital transformation journey. It began seeking a mobile application capable of seamlessly integrating with its SAP PM module while timestamping all data. This Solution was SAP Asset Manager (now known as SAP Service & Asset Manager).

The company had been deploying SAP S/4HANA for asset maintenance activities and SAP as its backbone for mastering all assets in scope and managing the work order and notification process. However, several pain points persisted:

  • The need for a mobile solution that integrates with SAP.
  • Technicians were using cumbersome paper forms for work execution and notification creation.
  • The SAP GUI lacked user-friendliness, and SAP Fiori apps didn’t provide coherent offline capabilities.

The company needed a mobile solution like SAP Asset Manager to facilitate real-time updates and data capture closer to the point of work, thereby improving workflow efficiency and data quality.

SAP Asset Manager Solution Implemented by On Device Solutions (ODS)

Following our successful SAP Asset Manager demonstration, the company embraced our recommendation and embarked on its transformative journey with On Device Solutions and SAP Asset Manager. We implemented the mobile solution in 16 weeks, setting out to digitise the company’s asset maintenance processes comprehensively while following our client’s vital goals and objectives.

The Goals & Objectives:

  • Reduction of process cycle and associated costs.
  • Real-time integration with SAP S/4HANA.
  • Automatic confirmation of process completion.
  • Ensuring high-quality data.
  • Easy data retrieval for audit, monitoring, and advanced analytics.
  • Simplification and enhancement of end-to-end maintenance processes.

The journey wasn’t without its share of challenges like:

  • User Adoption: Comprehensive user training was essential to ensure effective adoption.
  • Geographical and Linguistic Diversity: The project team spanned diverse geographical regions and languages.
  • Greenfield SAP S/4HANA Implementation.
  • Tight Timeframe: The pilot project had a strict 16-week timeline for implementation and Go-Live.
  • Performance Optimisation: The application needed to handle a high volume of master data efficiently.

Implementing SAP Asset Manager brought forth many advantages to our client, including business and social, IT, and people-related benefits.

Download this SAP Asset Manager Case Study Here to learn exactly what those benefits are and follow our customer’s journey in detail.

In the words of the SAP Project Manager, “We found in ODS a real and caring partner, very professional, always available, and ready to do whatever was needed to complete the tasks for the system to go live successfully. Excellent relationship with the project team and the users.”

A Glimpse into the Future of this Partnership

The journey continues, with ODS working closely with the client to further optimise the SAP Asset Manager mobile solution. Additionally, discussions are underway to identify other assets where implementing SAP Asset Manager can drive digital transformation.

ODS also engages the client to identify and understand their business requirement to implement the ODS Form Engine Add-on, which integrates with SAP Asset Manager – to digitise all paper-based forms.

On Device Solutions (ODS) is an SAP Gold Partner and a specialist IT consultancy for SAP enterprise mobile solutions. With SAP Asset Manager (SAP Service & Asset Manager) and our myForms accelerator, we have enabled many SAP customers to digitise paper-based forms and checklists quickly and efficiently.




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