How To Reduce TCO And Improve Compliance, Without Breaking The Bank

Who Are We? 
Here at On Device Solutions, we offer our clients excellent software that we have been developing over the years. Between our directors, there is more than seventy five years work of high-quality experience in the sector of SAP architecture. This has allowed us to flourish, and establish ourselves at the forefront of asset and inventory management. If you continue reading, we hope that you will begin to understand the best ways in which to cut costs in your business’ operations, as well as gain a firm grasp on how our various applications work. 
Cost-Effective Solutions
No matter what industry a company is operating in, the accurate tracking of its assets is a major component towards functioning in a cohesive and efficient manner. If you want to ensure that your workforce is optimised in the way in which it operates, you want to minimise the time which is spent wasted on tedious and pointless tasks. It is for this reason that the team here at On Device Solutions have worked tirelessly to develop ways in which to reduce your business’ total cost of ownership, or TCO.
The Initial Application – myJobCard
When it comes to revolutionary concepts in the field of mobile apps for SAP asset management, none surpass that of the myJobCard, developed by the master technicians at On Device Solutions. Able to be supported by a plethora of different operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and IOS, you can be sure that we have designed this with everyone in mind. A well-crafted Cloud allows for usage by countless users at once; not only this, but it also enables for proficient offline operation.
Our Latest Innovation? myWarehouse
Following on from the success that we experienced with the myJobCard, we sought to re-develop the way in which companies were able to accurately track their stock levels. From this simple idea, we came up with some groundbreaking fixed asset inventory software, known simply as myWarehouse. With this, businesses are able to operate in a more efficient manner overall. With such features included as offline processing and automated stock-taking, you are able to drastically minimise the amount of physical man-hours needed to assess your quantity of goods.
On Device Solutions – Here To Help
Whilst we have endeavoured to develop exceptional SAP mobility solutions, these are not the only services which On Device Solutions are notorious for; we are also home to some of the finest customer service representatives in the business. This has subsequently allowed us to consistently respond to incoming queries, and earned us our exceptional reputation for customer support. 
Should you have any questions about how our products can assist you in improving your asset management, there are numerous ways in which you can get in touch. You can email us directly at, or complete and submit the contact form situated on our website. Alternatively, you can simply give us a call on +44 (0) 121 769 2048.