SAP Mobile Application

On Device Solutions – A Little About Us
When it comes to a business that can deliver you high-quality SAP architecture, as well as general project delivery, you will not find more in-house experience and knowledge than that located at On Device Solutions. Between our three directors, we have amassed seventy five years of first-rate information related to our niche and specialist industry; with a team ninety strong behind them, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. 
myJobCard – A Brief Overview
The product that we here at On Device Solutions are most proud of is the recently designed ‘myJobCard’ – this is an easy-to-use, convenient mobile application which was conceived to be a revolutionary method of asset management. WIth this, we aim to bring you an application which technicians in the field will be able to carry out updates regarding asset management and information, in an entirely paperless format. As a modern application, we are pleased to inform our prospective consumers that it is compatible across a variety of operating systems; primarily, it can run on Windows, iOS and Android. You will be able to see real-time updates regarding your assets, and it can easily be used to support the sending of visual or written attachments and documents. We give a complete rundown of the services and features included with the ‘myJobCard’ on our dedicated webpage.
An Explanation of Terms
We understand that not everyone that is in the market for a ‘myJobCard’ will be as well-versed in the complex terms associated with the industry. That is why we here at On Device Solutions are more than happy to put into Layman’s terms, the acronyms connected to our wonderful product. The ‘myJobCard’ is best utilised for EAM or Enterprise Asset Management – this allows for it to track, for example, the pieces of machinery in your warehouse, and schedule maintenance throughout its lifespan. We have previously stated that the ‘myJobCard’ is compatible with numerous programs associated with SAP – if you are unsure, SAP SE is a German software-development company, and is an abbreviation of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. 
Would you Like to Give it a Try?
Here at On Device Solutions, we understand that you may never have seen, or had access to, a product such as the ‘myJobCard’ before. That is why we want to give you the opportunity to see it in action, and gain an insight into how you would be able to utilise its many functions. If you get in touch with us through any of our convenient channels of communication, you can book yourself in for a demonstration, or request a free trial for you to discover its functions by yourself. In order for you to access either of these offers, we simply ask that you submit to us your contact details, as well as a short message, via the enquiry forms located on the respective pages.