Asset Tracking System

Do you require an asset tracking system? Well, you’re looking in the right place. At On Device Solutions we are experts in the deployment of this solution. As SAP Partners we will provide you with honest advice, look at the needs of your business, provide a concept outline and advise the best possible application to help you deliver the best value and user-friendly solution for your business.
SAP Asset Manager provides a fully customizable asset tracking system framework to add and edit business your logo, application screens, and add your branding. We have a strong background in successfully deploying SAP Mobile Asset Management solutions like SAP Work Manager and with this knowledge, we can quickly deploy SAM as per customer requirements. We follow a Design First approach to identify the end users’ needs and then customize the application accordingly.
For us, providing unbiased advice for our customers in how best to deploy an asset tracking system for their business is something we pride ourselves in. We can integrate SAP Asset Manager in no time with expert consultation from On Device Solutions. With our full stack mobile application development capabilities, we can customize and configure the SAP Asset Manager to suit your needs. SAP Asset Manager is based on Mobile Development Kit architecture. MDK provides a runtime and full customization framework for SAP Asset Manager. Developers can easily customize SAP Asset Manager application by adding and/or editing actions, business logic, screens, styling, etc. It enables developers and/or technical business users to easily tailor the application to their business needs declaratively.
Here at On Device Solutions, we take the design of your asset tracking system very seriously. Although technology is based on science, it is an art that we excel in to design your solution in the right way. Thanks to our many years of experience we have in-depth knowledge of technology and we always ensure that we keep up to date with all new options available. This enables us to use a combination of best practice and innovation to make sure that the proposed technology is designed in the right way for your business.
To speak to a member of our team about your new asset tracking system then get in touch today. Email us at providing us with some additional information about your business and your company needs, and a member of our experienced team will then get back to you as soon as possible to assist you further.